The Expansion + Evolution Workbook is not your typical journal. It's designed to take you on a profound exploration of your inner self, guiding you to delve into the depths of your being and uncover the layers of wisdom and insight that lie within.


You are here to expand, evolve, and leave your mark on this world.

Within the pages of this workbook, you'll find thought-provoking questions carefully crafted to encourage you to go beyond the surface level of your thoughts and emotions. These questions are intended to spark introspection and allow you to access the hidden treasures of your soul. By engaging with them earnestly and authentically, you'll unlock new perspectives, discover hidden desires, and cultivate a deeper understanding of your personal journey of expansion and evolution.

Are you ready to go on a profound exploration of your inner self? This workbook will guide you into the depths of your being and uncover the layers of wisdom and insight that lie within. It's an opportunity for you to connect with your true essence, gain clarity, and foster personal growth.

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"I have done mindset work for years and this is the first place I've seen someone bring SO many topics together so succinctly. Karen did a phenomenal job making topics understandable and actionable. I feel so aware when my old story starts to creep in and have been using the tips she has shared to get back on track--so effective!" - Jenae

Who is Karen Galway?

Karen has always had an inner desire to help others find their voice. Being raised in an education loving family where getting a degree after high school was mandatory, she chose the field that made sense to this calling: Speech Therapy. For nearly 20 years, Karen has coached parents while helping their children find their voice.

But it was through her own deconditioning process, identity work, and self discovery that she felt called to a bigger role: helping women find their authentic voice so they can be propelled towards their ultimate potential.

Karen has worked with various spiritual advisors, became a Certified Human Design Reader through The Human Design Academy, and recently became trained in Dr. Jon Connelly’s Rapid Resolution Therapy. Through her understanding of the conscious and unconscious mind, awareness of her inherent spiritual gifts, plus deep knowledge of energetic blueprints, Karen is able to create clarity for others, help them move through doubt and resistance, while they begin to live out their own mission driven life.

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